WATTS Family Assets

WATTS Family Assets - The WATTS Family - WATTS - Niall Rhys WATTS
WATTS Family Assets - The WATTS Family - WATTS

In The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants.

All praise belongs to God, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his famiy and companions and whoever follows them.

To proceed,

The following is a presentation of some of the concerns of The WATTS Organization in their digital and worldly pursuits.

We are all falling far short with our Lord, The Most High, and we make this open and public as a means to a hoped-for beneficial end.

If you value your time, I recommend instead that you visit slaveofgod.com instead.

Thank you very much for reading and take care,

Niall Rhys WATTS


The WATTS Family have committed time and resources to archiving a variety of beneficial digital and printed knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

This includes archiving beneficial websites, audio, books, etc, that they might be available in the case of any efforts to cover the truth by its enemies.

This knowledge may form the basis of later propogation efforts, and there is no movement or strength except with God.


The WATTS Family own a fleet of valuable websites in important areas.

From them is this website chronicling the activities of The Family, aiding in our transparency and inclusiveness.

In addition, these sites aid in the propogation of authentic knowledge in the world in a number of different forms.

From them is The Personal Blog of current WATTS Organization Principal, slaveofgod.com, The International Authority Site, watts.uk.com and other than them.

In addition to the above are a number of domain names awaiting development at key junctures of human history.

Social Media

Following on from the above, The Family own a plethora of social media accounts which tie together with their websites and search engine web.

This is in addition to Advertising Accounts that are used for the reinvestment of funds to increase public outreach.

Website content is distributed via a variety of different mediums such as, Written Articles, Blog Posts, Audio, Podcasts, Video, Micro Blogs, Tweets, etc.


The WATTS Family offer very simple custom search engines to help them nd others find beneficial knowledge through the authentic monotheist content available online.

These may be found by visiting WATTS Learning.


The Family hold a number of beneficial elements for the health of individuals and families.

These include things which aim to purify the Religion (see above), Air, Security, Warmth, Water and Food of The Family and hopefully others too.

These include air purification devices, vitamin and mineral supplements beneficial foodstudds and more.


From the inherited assets in The WATTS Family include a modest portfolio of useful items.

In addition, the repoted WATTS Family History is made available online also.


The Family offer boutique, advisor services to chosen clients on an individual case-by-case basis.

The Family prefer to focus on building and have until this time worked in a no-profit fashion, with all profit being reinvested back into the presevation and growth of the efforts.

The Family ask that everyone respect one another’s time and hope that people understand that they must prioritise the highest value activities first and as such will not be able to develop working relationships with everyone.

WATTS Family Assets - The WATTS Family WATTS Niall Rhys WATTS

And God, The Most High, knows best.

May God extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.

WATTS Family Assets - The WATTS Family - WATTS