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in The Name of God, The Most Merciful, The Ever-Merciful to His believing servants.

All praise belongs to God, The Lord of The Worlds, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.

To proceed,

What follows is a brief biography of Niall Rhys WATTS from birth until the time of writing.

Nialls full lineage is said to be:,

Niall the son of Peter, son of Dennis, son of Henry Irving, son of Henry, son of George, son of Thomas, son of Daniel, son of Nathaniel, son of George, son of Nathaniel, son of Maurice, son of John, son of Edward WATTS.

Through John WATTS, the son of Edward WATTS and Elizabeth White, Niall and The WATTS Family are claimed to be descendants of English Royalty and through them the likes of William I and Charlemagne.

This one particular chain coming from Elizabeth’ White’s heritage from The Comptons, The Hastings, The Staffords, De Luxemborg, Beatrice of England from Henry III, King of England whose ancestry is well-known.

Born on 25th May 1995 to parents Peter Irvine WATTS and Ceris Jane Williams in Cardiff, UK, he remained therein predominately for the first two years of his life, before moving to main country England.

Despite being born in a family that identified as Christian, Niall and his sister by his from the same mother, both were never christened as children and were not granted an upbringing with much religious practice.

He remembers as a young child fearing to say anything before God lest He punish him despite the actions of school mates, but still later fell into the atheistic/agnostic/arrogant beliefs of those around him.

He lived these days in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, considered (wrongfully, article) to be the best plan to bring up a family.

His parents both specialists in Information Technology, he too had a predisposition to ease with technology, mathematics and writing.

Identified early as an intelligent child, he chose as a child to enter into The King’s School in Grantham, the so-called “brainiest school in Britain” former school of Isaac Newton, despite the travel.

He was elected in this second year at the school as Form Representitive (akin to Class President) in an act of deft (unethical) political manoeuvring wherein he offered everyone who voted for him in the election £1.

When it came time for the voting, the first candidate received an amount of votes which were counted, the second recieved his amount which were counted, and then the number of votes for these two were subtracted from the number of students in the class, and the number of students left over were assigned to Niall – with him winning the election.

Niall later told his classmates that since noone had actually voted for him that he didn’t owe them the £1 either!

Suffice to say, he was not fooled by “democracy” from a young age.

Attending therein, he studied a variety of subjects at secondary level and finished with studying Economics, Mathematics, General Studies and Physics before moving on to The University of Kent in Canterbury.

Whilst at The University, he briefly studied a Financial Discipline before changing to Sports Science and pursuing sporting goals.

Affected by atheism and materialism, he, like many in the west, not having any real reason for living changed from this thing to that.

Throughout this time in sport he built upon another strength of his from a young age, publilc speaking, and was later elected Men’s Captain of The Rowing Team, before ultimately deciding to purse solo sporting.

The prospect of training on the icy, winter roads of England encouraged him to travel to Thailand for a second time where he stayed training for a time.

Whilst there, God, The Blessed and Most High, guided him to the Religion of Abraham, by way of the internet, having never talked to a Muslim about the religion previously.

He embraced alone with only God for company and started a new chapter of his life, with life in his heart.

Not long after submitting to The Lord of The Worlds, Niall went on to marry in Thailand and dwell therein for a time.

Him and his new family decided then to make the move to Indonesia to pursue the benefits of living in a country submitted to God, The Most High. Therein they lived near and visited an Orthodox Muslim Boarding School regularly.

Niall received basic teaching in Arabic reading and recitation of God’s Speech, The Qur’an, delivered by one of the many Orthodox Teachers in Indonesia, themselves having studied in Yemen, Arabia.

The family later turned their plans back to their countries of origin and Niall set out back to the UK with the intention to one day return to the Muslim Lands permanently.

In Britain, he worked for a time based out of his family home before moving to Small Heath, Birmingham, home of the famous Orthodox Muslim Centre, The Salafi Masjid.

He attended therein fom the lessons of Shaykhs Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem and Abu Idrees, having geat fondness for them, and also visiting a number of the Salafi Conference throughout the UK.

He also benefitted much online from the lessons of the late Dawood Burbank, may God bestow mercy upon him, and the beloved elder, Dr Abu Iyaad, may God preserve him and the aforementioned.

Having taken employment previously with the intention of setting up temporarily in England, the orchestrated, planned, worldwide subjugation to communism began under the guise of the so called “Corona Virus”.

Recognising, by God’s Permission, at an earlier stage that this may be something dragged out by those in charge of most of the world’s governements, Niall prayed the prayer of seeking consel before purchasing tickets and boarding a flight the next day to Thailand.

Arriving a day or so before change in Thai legislation, he arived safely therein after a pleasant flight. In Thailand, he supplicated to God regarding the visa situation and The Lord, Most High, bestowed another favour upon the family by making his 30 day Visa Exemption last 4 months, legally.

In this time, Niall began to put in place some online assets, acting upon knowledge he had been granted near to that time.

He began first with building out his personal blog, which today might be found at:, wherein he answers questions not currently being answred well on search engines like Google, preferring to write content that is beneficial to all if he is able.

He also set up the intenet profile of his family organization, The WATTS Organization, as a holding firm for the family’s different endeauvors.

After changes to the Thai visa policy, Niall then returned to the UK and continued building out The WATTS online profile.

Whilst there he began advising European Arabian, a Multinational Import Export company based in Birmingham, specialising in UAE trade.

Today, Niall is currently working on placing the finishing touches on his family’s online network before setting down a content schedule for his personal blog and media network. Plans are also in place for converting this content to audiio, video and microblog (tweet) format.

His goal, and the goal of The WATTS Organization in general, is to call mankind to the worship of God, The Creator alone and none else.

To call mankind to what they are in desperate need of, sound and correct belief regarding The Creator of all things, their Creator and The Creator of their ancient forefathers.

We ask God, The Perfect and Most High, to strengthen and aid this call, to spread it to the north and the south, the east and the west and to guide by way of us a nation submitted to Him, The Perfect.

All praise and thanks belong to God, The Lord of The Worlds, may He extol His Messenger in the highest company of the Angels and grant him peace, his family and companions altogether.